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Tanjil South Primary School continues to be a terrific setting for many families who are looking for an increased focus on their child from their teachers. The population of the school consists largely of local students striving to improve their personal learning and develop friendship groups. The school has a family like feel, it is community driven and fantastically supported in return. 

In an effort to cater for all of our students goals our strategic plan has been developed around differentiated teaching and learning for individuals at point of need. A school-wide intensive spelling program has been established to further strengthen this area of English as well as two ‘adaptive’ online English programs, (Lexia and Reading Plus) which flags necessary interventions required for student improvement. In 2021 we will continue to focus on the school-wide development of Maths, STEM, Humanities, the Arts and Student Voice.


We have created an environment for students to drive their learning and continually challenge each of them on a daily basis. Our fantastic small school setting allows our teachers to focus on individual needs of the student. We are very proud to have every student at Tanjil South PS on an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) built solely for that particular students growth. The ILP's are clear, goal specific and achievable built with the strong input of the student, parent(s) and teacher.


We always reflect our core values and enjoy growing together on our learning journey.

Welcome to Tanjil South Primary School. 


Jason Horton

Acting Principal

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Tanjil South Primary School has improved the attendance rate since 2013/14.  Previously much of the absenteeism was supported by parents of reluctant learners who attempt various school avoidance strategies. For 2015 and beyond our reward structure was set in place this has reduced the total number of absentee days compared to previous years.

Attitudes to School Survey

The Student Attitudes to School survey data continues to be high in all areas for TSPS. The survey data indicates that students are highly connected to the school and each other, they feel safe, and they feel challenged in their learning. The code of student conduct is very simple and yet very effective. Students are aware that bullying and intolerance are not accepted at this school and that the system will both protect them from inappropriate behavior and also prevent them from visiting the same on others. The smaller population encourages students of all ages to interact with and support each other regardless of age or level. The many and varied extracurricular activities provided by the school and the integration of humour in all things has enhanced, and will continue to enhance, this high level of positive student interaction.

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In concert with local kindergartens and secondary schools, Tanjil South Primary school caters strongly for student transitions at all levels. As well as state-wide orientation days our Prep students begin a limited regular attendance at this school during Term four of the year prior to enrolment. Much of the classroom management aspects and school expectations are instilled in the young beginners well before they formerly start school. Composite class structure and flexibility of timetabling allows all students to be exposed to a variety of teachers and class groupings, which enables the exiting grade six students to adjust easily to the different structure of curriculum delivery found at the secondary level. The orientation days available for the secondary transition have been very valuable to our students.