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Tanjil South Primary School continues to be a terrific setting for many families who are looking for an increased focus on their child from their teachers. The population of the school consists largely of local students striving to improve their personal learning and develop friendship groups. The school has a family like feel, it is community driven and fantastically supported in return. 

In an effort to cater for all of our students goals our strategic plan has been developed around differentiated teaching and learning for individuals at point of need. A school-wide intensive phonics/spelling program has been established to further strengthen students reading and writing as well as goal driven learning tasks in literacy. In 2023 we will continue to focus on the school-wide development of Literacy, Maths, Science, Humanities, the Arts and Student Voice.


We have created an environment for students to drive their learning and continually challenge each of them on a daily basis. Our fantastic small school setting allows our teachers to focus on individual needs of the student. We are very proud to have every student at Tanjil South PS on an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) built solely for that particular students growth. The ILP's are clear, goal specific and achievable built with the strong input of the student, parent(s) and teacher.


We always reflect our core values and enjoy growing together on our learning journey.

Welcome to Tanjil South Primary School. 

Jason Horton


School Tour


At Tanjil South Primary School, we recognize that family life can present challenges, but we prioritize regular student attendance. Following the Inner Gippsland Attendance process and the Department of Education's Policy, we use a traffic light system to report attendance compliance to parents. Together with parents and students, we create a supportive environment where every child has the opportunity to thrive academically and socially.

Attitudes to School Survey

At TSPS, we value students beyond numbers. High Student Attitudes to School survey data reflects our commitment to positive attitudes, problem-solving, and support for all learners. Our safe, connected, and inclusive environment discourages bullying, encourages inter-age interaction, and offers varied extracurricular activities with a touch of humor.


Dogs Connect Program

In 2022, Tanjil South Primary School welcomed Winnie, an aspiring wellbeing dog who is enrolled in the Dogs Connect program. As Winnie continues her training, she will gradually integrate into the school community, offering valuable support to students in their daily activities, enhancing their overall well-being.

Kaleidoscope Music Program

In 2022, Tanjil South Primary School actively engaged in the transformative Kaleidoscope Music Program, developed by The Song Room. This innovative in-school arts and wellbeing initiative not only addressed social and emotional issues among students but also incorporated trauma-informed teaching practices and social-emotional learning pedagogies. Collaborating with a skilled musician, the students enthusiastically participated in songwriting and recording sessions, creating a meaningful connection to their work. Among their creations was the captivating song "Where's Llew," inspired by the remarkable story of an award-winning entomologist who once graced the school in the early 1900s.

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